ABV 31%
Capacity 300ml
Retail Price 158.000

Khoi Duong Ba Kich

Ba Kich is also known as Radix Morindae... The scientific name is Morinda, and it grows primarily in Quang Ninh, Ha Giang, and Lang Son...

 According to oriental medicine, Radix Morindae have a sweet, slightly spicy taste and come to the kidney, where they calm the kidneys, recover our health, and boost physical strength. Additionally, Shaggy Buttonweeds are regarded by the Vietnamese as a distinctive fresh ginseng, a rare and typical product, and a source of great pride for the residents of Quang Ninh and Hai Phong...

 Every harvest season, Radix Morindae are brought to the factory from their places of origin in Tien Yen, Ba Che, and Quang Ninh. After cleaning, the pith is lightly separated, they are pre-processed in line with the secret, and then they are soaked in traditional tanks of perfect white wine. After 18 months of immersion and numerous processing steps, the tubers change from ivory white to dark purple. The "Vietnamese fresh ginseng" essence is secreted (pushed out) and combined with alcohol to form a single cohesive component, the mixture has a very specific scent of the old Shaggy Buttonweeds wine and a passionate purple of Hue that is slightly thick, cool, and mildly spicy at the tip of the tongue.

 When men reach the age of forty and have experienced many flavors of life, they reach a "strong and tough" point. This is the time when people must continue to thrive and grow in order to achieve greater success that is the conquering instinct bestowed by nature on men.

 Our VIP Radix Morindae Liquor/Khoi Duong Radix Morindae alcohol, an ardent masterwork in the purple of Hue, is conferred on men who are full of conquering instincts and the desire to achieve success in life.


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