ABV 28%
Capacity 300ml
Retail Price 50.000

The Wild Banana 300ml

The wild banana, also referred to as Musa balbisiana, is a species of wild banana that originated in Southeast Asia and is a close relative of the modern banana. The forests and mountains of the Northwest and Central Highlands are where the wild banana trees primarily grow naturally.

Wild bananas are now prized not only for their medicinal qualities but also for their primitivism, wildness, and benignity among the many cross-species fruits grown with technology and chemicals.

Because of the soil and possibly due to different genera and species, Northwest wild bananas often have more resin than Central Highlands wild bananas, the acrid taste differs, as do the shape and size of the fruit and seed.

Despite being soaked in wine, they are produced in a variety of colors and acrid flavors that can only be realized by those who have been in the profession for many years and are truly dedicated.

With the business ethos of appreciating the value of thousands of years, we have worked hard to achieve the priceless scale between the wild bananas of the Northwest and the Central Highlands, between ripe bananas and green bananas, and how to add fried old seeds to the immersing process. The King of Wild Bananas/VIP Wild Bananas is a truly unique wine glass for men who love strength and appreciate the wildness. It was created over the course of a year with numerous processing stages by melding seeds with perfect traditional alcohol.


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