ABV 28%
Capacity 300ml
Retail Price 50.000

300ml Sticky Rice Yellow Flowers Liqour

Vietnam is known for its irrigated rice civilization. Sticky Rice Yellow Flowers are a unique product of the Red River Delta, which is well-known throughout the country.

Along with the philosophy of appreciating the values of thousands of years, carefully selecting the best Sticky Rice Yellow Flowers seeds from the Northern countryside, and owning the well-known Chinese yeast made from 18 Chinese herbs, have created the brew of Vietnamese fermented glutinous rice which has characteristic fragrance smell, sweet and pungent flavor. Rice wine that has been fully fermented is immersed in a traditional white wine bath, which is a scrumptious traditional white wine tank. After 9 months of soaking in 2 stages, the essence of rice wine IS blended with white wine to form a unified entity, generating a composition of Sticky Rice. Yellow Flowers Sticky Rice with a light sweet taste, slightly thickened, fragrant sticky rice with a distinctive golden color.

The product is a one-of-a-kind element of Vietnamese cuisine. With a characteristic taste, medium light alcohol concentration, and ease of consumption, it is ideal for sophisticated people who appreciate, and prefer the light alcohol concentration, especially office workers, civil officials, and students...


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