ABV 30%
Capacity 300ml
Retail Price 158.000


Apricots are also referred to as "mơ ta" or "mai", prunus mume, a species of the rose family with Asian roots, is known by its scientific name. The Son La, Lang Son, Lao Cai, and Lai Chau regions of Vietnam are where you can find wild apricots. With two primary flavors—sweet and sour—apricots have a very distinct flavor

Apricots bloom in the late winter and ripen in the late spring. Since ancient times, apricots have been used to make apricot wine or apricot liquor, which is very popular in East Asian nations. Young adults in Vietnam who are educated and highly sophisticated desire to own Korean and Japanese apricot wines.

In Vietnamese culture's "Flowers of the Four Seasons," the apricot represents nobility. When other tree species wilt in the chilly winter snow, the apricot species blooms vibrantly. Therefore, the apricot blossom is a representation of elegance, purity, and courage in the face of adversity.

In Vietnam, apricots are made into jam (salted dried fruit), which is an extremely specific dish and snack for women. For men, apricots are used to make wine as in Japan and Korea. We have produced completely different traditional apricot wine bottles that are golden, fragrant, with the taste of acidity and sweetness from Vietnamese apricots, based on inheriting three folkloric methods of making liquor and developing according to the principle of wine as well as hybridizing the secret of Japanese apricot wine. King wine of forest apricot and VIP forest apricot wine are ideal for young people who enjoy the taste of light fruit wine, such as office workers, civil servants, and student… Vua Apricots.


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